The story of Isla

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

I want to share a bit about my daughter, Isla Soleil, who I miscarried in my second trimester, on the blog portion of my website. Her passing led me into the world of being a grievance doula. Although my journey with her was heartbreaking, it was also pivotal and monumental in my life’s story. Her short life had a purpose.

In the next few entries, I’ll share posts that I wrote on Facebook and I will take you through the story of Isla as it was happening.

I’ll also preface the story of our journey by saying that when I learned that her heart had stopped beating, we thought she was a male, who we named Colton Dean. In time, you will see how her spirit communicates with me throughout this journey, so much so, she shocks us as she tells us of not only her true sex, but also the reason as to why she passed. She freely and promptly handed me the closure that I asked for.

If being open and sharing our story helps just one person grieve the loss of their baby, then it is worth it all.

Read on, in the next few Blog posts, as I take you through the path I walked with my sweet baby number 4.

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